Rocky Knoll SDA School just collected 60 pounds to bless children in need in around the world. Thank you so much Rocky Knoll students and staff! Here is what Melissa Baggett, the (amazing) principal, shared.

“Rocky Knoll SDA School is a small school in Martinsburg, WV. Even though we are small, we feel we can be a light to our community and even the world. Each year, we participate in several community projects and this year we decided to take on the challenge of collecting Legos for Lucas! Students were given their gallon bags and they loaded them up with as many Legos as they could get in them. Students were very excited about this project because they could relate to it. Who doesn’t like Legos?! Unfortunately, there are many that do not have the opportunity to enjoy such things, therefore, our students thought it was very important that we be able to share some good with those that don’t have as much as we do.

Our school may be small but we are MIGHTY and we hope those donations go to very good homes!

God bless,”

Melissa Baggett, Principal

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