LEGO™ giving for orphan children is on! Welcome to LEGO™ for Kids 2.0–version 2, beginning in the year 2021. We are so thankful that our friend Lucas is in full remission and that the start-up years of the Legos outreach were so successful. Now it’s time for version 2.0 to bring in LEGO™ bricks for children in need.

LEGO™ bricks are a surprising luxury for children in poverty in other countries. The things we have in America are many times impossible to access in other places. Since many of our American children have extra LEGO™ bricks, why not donate them to children who may never be able to play with them otherwise?

Make this an outreach project for your classroom, youth group, or family. It’s a fun opportunity to engage kids and to help them pass on their blessings to others.

Go here for the full instructions!

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