Does becoming an ICC Ambassador fit your life calling?

As the name suggests, an ICC Ambassador is one who promotes our collective mission to rescue and restore the lives of orphan children.

Many options are available for ICC Ambassadors to share our mission with others. We will work with you individually and provide you with the tools and training needed to be a successful Ambassador. Here are some specific ways that you can serve as an ICC Ambassador for “His Kids”  —

• Share the Que Pasa, brochures, and videos.
• Share ICC materials with local business owners.
• Introduce ICC to your pastor and church leaders. Offer to make a presentation about “His Kids” during a church program.
• Encourage your Pathfinders or youth group to participate in a mission outreach project for ICC.
• Plan a fundraising event to benefit “His Kids” such as food fairs, bake sales, car washes.
• Invite ICC supporters near you to an annual ICC family reunion. If possible, ICC will provide a guest speaker for your event.
• Represent ICC at your local camp meeting. Displays and materials will be provided, and reasonable expenses will be covered.

Contact William Hurtado directly at (800) 422–7729 if you would like more details, or email him at