Children for Change is a five-day mission project for your children or youth program. Young people collect backpacks and donations for ICC children in the D.R. Congo. As a result, children in your home/program and around the world are blessed.


1. Learn about the D.R. Congo. Download the Children’s for Change packet.  You can choose what activities in the packet to do.

Children for Change Packet

2. Follow the daily instructions in the backpack mission videos.  Or Decide on a financial goal to work towards with your family or group. Suggested amounts are included in the downloadable packet. Watch the following videos to find out more about how your Children for Change project will make a difference!

3. Include a report with your backpack or financial donation. We want to hear your stories! Be sure to include lots of pictures! Email your report and/or what church your backpack donation will be dropped off at to William Hurtado at ICC,

Children for Change Report

4. If you fundraised only, submit your donation by clicking here and selecting the Congo category. Alternatively, you may mail your gift with a physical copy of your donation report.

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Thank you for changing the lives of vulnerable children with International Children’s Care!

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