Your support of the children during the year is vital to their well-being. They can’t survive or thrive without you. Their futures depend on your continuing involvement.

Please consider making an extra, special gift this Christmas season. You will be providing food, shelter, a loving family, and the life-sustaining, daily care the children need.

Your gift will be doubled this holiday season through this Christmas Matching Challenge.

Remember though, this challenge will only be available for a limited time. You will be able to double your gift only until the goal is met or, by December 31st.

Because of your loving generosity, the children are nurtured within their families.

But expenses in caring for the children have risen due to inflation. Your help is needed to meet the rising costs that threaten the children’s future welfare.

Please use the form below to send an additional, special gift that will assure the children’s continuing welfare in uncertain times ahead.

Thanks for all you do for His Kids!

Christmas Matching Challenge Thermometer of Funds Raised

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