Thank you for blessing children through the LEGO™ for Kids service project!  You will be putting LEGO™ bricks in the hands of orphan children so they can enjoy Legos, some for the very first time. You will also be giving the children food, clothing, family, and opportunities to succeed as your LEGO™ brick donations are at times exchanged for funding to provide for the children’s needs.

LEGO™ bricks open a door to creativity, social play, and fun-filled education.Start your group service project by showing an inspirational video! (Email William for the restricted link) Then, use this form  to get organized.

  1. Decide on the best time for a LEGO™ for Kids drive. Christmas-time is one good option. Work with colleagues to organize and promote the drive’s announcements, start and stop times, and possible fun incentives. 
  2. Decide on a financial goal to help pay for the shipment of the Legos to the main ICC office, and to support the daily needs of orphans around the world.
  3. Distribute gallon-sized ziplock bags for students to fill, or use other means to collect the LEGO™ or  DUPLO® bricks. A drop-off basket works great, too.
  4. When the drive is over, weigh the donations and celebrate how much has been collected.
  5. Include a report with your shipment or email your report to William Hurtado at ICC. Your report needs to include the following:
    • Your group/school/church name and address
    • Your group organizer name, phone and email.
    • The weight (in pounds) of the collected legos.
    • As many photos and stories as you can share for public use!
  6. Download and print the pre-made mailing address label (below) and send the LEGO™ blocks to International Children’s Care. ICC will forward them to one of their children’s centers or children’s villages around the world. ICC will also, when possible, liquidate the LEGO™ blocks and use the funds to feed, house, and support the children around the world.

      Thank you for blessing children through International Children’s Care and making this world a better, smarter, happier place!

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