Children for Change is a five-day mission project for your children or youth program. Young people collect backpacks and donations for ICC children in the D.R. Congo. As a result, children in your home/program and around the world are blessed.

Lucas Legos for Kids is a mission project with the goal of putting Legos in the hands of orphan children so they can enjoy them, some for the very first time. Lucas Nelson is suffering from leukemia, representing a lot of kids dealing with tough stuff. What Lucas is going through is so negative, but he wants it to be turned into something positive. Many kids don’t have what we have, and Lucas wants to make kids happy.

D.R. Congo Shipping Container is a mission project that any group, no matter how big or small, can join in on. ICC is collecting goods to send in a 40-foot container all the way to the Patmos Children’s Village in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition to collecting much needed goods such as clothing, school supplies, and household items, there is also a fundraising element to this project. Will you join in this adventure?