Take your classroom on a virtual mission trip with Mission Experience for Kids! Students will simulate a mission trip by choosing a country and helping a children’s village. They will connect with the village’s children, and GO BIG to bless them!

“This is an excellent classroom experience!”

Let’s Get Started!

  1. GET MISSION MENTOR William Hurtado to host a Week of Prayer or visit your school. Or skip step one and launch it in your own way!
  2. LAUNCH YOUR MISSION with inspiration from these videos, or listen to stories live with your mission mentor.
  3. CHOOSE A COUNTRY where ICC children are located that fits your interests.
  4. BUILD A BUDGET for the mission to aim toward.
  5. SELECT A STRATEGY to meet the mission budget goals, and execute with enthusiasm.
  6. FILL OUT THE FORM below to access the monthly worksheets.
  7. ACCOMPLISH YOUR MISSION, celebrate, and send in your gift of love!

Thank you for changing the lives of vulnerable children!