On August 27, 2018, Lucas Nelson heard the worst news of his life.   

At 13 years old, Lucas was diagnosed with a cancer of the worst kind–Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Lucas was supposed to play freely as a child; but now he had fevers, easy bruising, abnormal weight loss, and cancerous blood cells growing inside his body.  He would need to undergo chemotherapy that would cause his hair to fall out and his weeks to be overtaken by pain and exhaustion.  

Lucas, who lives with his family in North Dakota, represents a lot of kids dealing with tough stuff.  What he and so many others experience is so negative. They could have easily become angry at the world and at God.  But chose a better path. Lucas wants his story to be turned into something positive. He knows that he is blessed with what many kids don’t have.  How can he turn this situation into a blessing for others?  
Lucas’ father is Loren, an Adventist pastor.  Lucas’ mother Sue, is an Educational Superintendent.  They are God-fearing individuals seeking for God’s will in their child’s life.  Through prayer and the Holy Spirit working in people’s lives, Lucas Legos for Kids comes to life!