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On this page, you will find information and resources that will help you learn more about His Kids.

Because of your support, this is what we help you do. ICC builds, funds, and manages family homes for orphaned and abandoned children.

We Have Videos For You

The Gathering Place video series has interviews with ICC alumni and staff members.

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Our most recent episodes are a multi-part interview with Milton and Gricelda Casasola who both grew up at the Los Pinos Children’s Village in Guatemala.

Our Los Pinos Children’s Village created a day school program for local children. These kids have difficulty reaching the state-run schools because of distance and a lack of reliable transportation.

This video shows the day school program in action.

Resources For You

The six questions answered in this pamphlet will give you an overview of ICC’s mission to restore the lives of orphaned and abandoned children.

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Here’s where ICC’s Children’s Villages are located.

Click the map for more details on each village.

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How To Contact ICC

Telephone: (800) 422–7729

Email: info@forhiskids.org