Founded in 1978

International Children’s Care was formed by Christian laymen in 1978. In the beginning, it was to meet a need in Guatemala after the devastating earthquake there which left so many children homeless.

However, since there are many other areas of need in the world, our charter was made to fund and operate programs for homeless and needy children wherever the need exists. Guatemala was the first project.

Our Historical Timeline

This timeline reflects major events that marked the start of ICC’s work in specific countries. To read the complete timeline, download the Historical Timeline document, linked above.

1978 – International Children’s Care is founded in Guatemala.

1978 – Construction begins on Los Pinos Children’s Village in Guatemala.

1982 – Las Palmas Children’s Village in Dominican Republic begins to receive children.

1986 – ICC begins caring for abandoned children in foster homes in Colombia.

1990 – Current ICC headquarters are built in Vancouver, Washington.

1991 – A program to care for children with critical needs begins in Romania where at one time 450 families were being assisted.

1992 – Land is purchased in Baja, Mexico on which to develop El Oasis Children’s Village.

1996 – An affiliation is established between ICC and Daniel dos Santos who operates two orphan homes and several children’s day care centers in Brazil.

1997 – Lilly Kaligithi’s orphan home in India becomes affiliated with ICC.

1997 – The first orphans arrive at El Oasis in Mexico.

1998 – Land is purchased in India to build ICC’s Sweet Home orphan program.

2001 – The Fuente de Vida (Fountain of Life) children’s program in Nicaragua operated by Felix and Angelica Almendarez becomes a part of the ICC family.

2002 – ICC begins assisting orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo through the PROLASA organization.

2005 – ICC assumes operation of Maranatha’s Hogar Escuela Adventista children’s village in El Salvador.

2018 – ICC initiates a Jalapeño Pepper agribusiness on the campus of the El
Oasis Children’s Village in Mexico.