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Through your support, ICC hires missionary parents who help heal abandoned, orphaned, neglected, abused and broken children. Since 1978, people like you have created safe homes for thousands of children with long-term residential care that replicates the Adventist family model. Currently, over 400 children are receiving a home, education through college, and opportunities to serve Christ as professionals. THANK YOU for caring for God’s children through your financial support.

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  • $35 Basic Sponsorship
  • $50 For His Kids
  • $75 Family Champions
  • $100 Alcyon's Angel
  • $_____ Chairman's Circle
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  • $6 One Day Salary
  • $42 One Week
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  • $1000 Six Months
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Thank you for supporting God's Kids!

Is Your Church Helping God's Kids?

Invite ICC to Share

Invite ICC to Share

Highlight ICC during a mission spotlight, ministry moment, or children’s story. Or have a speaker share.

Inform Others

Inform Others

Like Becky did at the Astoria church, create a space in a bulletin board or missions table.

Support Financially

Support Financially

Allocate a fund for the children, take up a regular offering, or sponsor a child!

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Learn more about how you can help children through this ministry. International Children’s Care is a 509a1 and 170b1 non-profit organization.

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