Be a Hero in the Life of a Child

Why sponsor?

Orphaned and abandoned children are often forced to the streets searching for food and a place to live. By sponsoring such a child, you give your love and support so they aren’t forced to try and make it on their own in the world. Your support will help to provide all of the things that parents provide for their own children, such as children’s clothes, school fees, school supplies, housing, recreation, bedding, and personal hygiene items. The list goes on.

How much does sponsorship cost?

Sponsorship is $35 a month.

Though the amount of financial support needed for each child varies depending on the country, age of the child, and level of education the average amount is $400 per month. In order to provide adequately for each child and to offer multiple “hero opportunities,” ICC operates a shared sponsorship program. Due to the costs of providing a life-sustaining sponsorship program, we have a suggested minimum monthly sponsorship of $35. Many give more, and we do our best to accommodate everyone’s desire to be a hero in the life of a child.

ICC Children Thank You!

Heroes in this life are rare indeed, especially the kind that give of themselves in support of others who have little but gratitude to give in return. ICC children are grateful for all that sponsors are doing to give them a second opportunity in life at an ICC children’s village. They treasure the relationships they have with their sponsors. On their behalf, thank-you for considering the gift of sponsorship which truly is a gift of love.

For more details contact ICC by e-mail or toll free 800-ICC-PRAY (422-7729).