God Continues to Provide Blessings for the Kids

Written by William Hurtado

Have you experienced a miracle in your work-life recently? I just did, and George Mueller, the founder of orphanages in England in the 1800’s, would have related to this one.

On Tuesday of this week, I was pulled into a meeting where Karen, our financial director, informed us that January & February were difficult financial months and that we were $70,000 short. She was not able to send to several of our children’s mission locations all of their budgeted amounts. That was Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Karen received an unexpected check in the mail that blew our socks off. $72,701 from a late donor’s trust fund. It came in within 24 hours of our meeting. God provided at the moment of our need. A small miracle assuring us that God is indeed with us. ICC is His ministry, and He cares greatly about the children.

Thank you for being a part of this ministry! May ICC continue to experience the miracles of Heaven!