Uwimana, Spring 2020

Uwimana Francine is a orphan-care mother in the D.R. Congo Patmos Children’s Village. With Mother’s Day approaching, will you affirm the work that she and other mothers are doing?

My name’s Uwimana Francine, I am a mother in home 3 and I have 14 children under my care. Being a home mother means I take care of children, cook food for them, treat them as their biological mother, keep the children close to me, and meet their needs. This work is without challenges; I endure them because I know that honors the Lord. In the word of God we read to help orphaned children as well as abandoned ones.”

Will you join Uwimana today in helping her care for children?

Six dollars a day or $42 a week provides for Uwimana’s salary.

That’s an incredibly small amount for a salary compared to American standards. Every day that Uwimana is affirmed with sponsorship means she knows there are people who care and who want to make an eternal difference for orphans and for the children who need it most.

Thank you for being Uwimana’s champion!

Read the rest of Uwimana heartbreaking story that she wrote just a few months ago! “My husband was an Adventist pastor. He was coming from church and he was the preacher of the day. While we were having lunch in my home, thunder roared and killed my husband, my children, two women and one child. The two women and the child were coming with us home after Sabbath.  My 3 children also died from the roaring thunder except two, a girl who was living with her grandmother and a little boy who was playing outside. The boy lives at Patmos and he is currently in senior 6 studying construction. I have been taking care of children since 2009; it has been 11 years since I began my job as a house mother. I do different works for the children’s service, for example:

-In the morning I cook porridge for children before going to school,

-I take company of them at school,

-I wash their clothes,

– when they come from school, I give them food,

-They take rest after lunch,

-after rest, I take them to evening worship at church,

-after worship, children eat and go to sleep,

– I collect firewood in my free time,

-I wash children in the morning and before sleeping,

The work of taking care of children in home is very tiresome, there is no rest. It requires me to be working all the time. 

Being a home mother means to me that I have to take care of children, cook food for them, treat them as their biological mother, keep the children close to me, meet their needs (like knowing when they need something, helping them do their home works, teaching them love ahead of everything, tackling their spiritual life.)  

Regarding cooking on outdoor fire but looking forward to the indoor burners that are being prepared to be put into the homes, this is a wonderful project to help mothers and alleviate their kitchen works. It will be very helpful for us to be cooking on indoor burners and avoid the different difficulties we face when collecting firewood.  

I like taking care of children in home and I praise God who made it possible for me to help children. For spirituality, I teach my children to love God and I take them to church regularly, on Sabbath and in the evening worship before going to sleep, I gather them for prayer, songs and the word of God. 

This work is without challenges; I endure them because I know that it is in honor of the Lord that I do my work. The word of God we read and study teach how to help people in need and to help orphan children as well as abandoned ones. I expect to get suitable reward in heaven because this work cannot be rewarded by a human being, I hope he will not find to compensate with all efforts we provide to make the children smile, happy and walk in the right way. I would advise my fellow home mothers in all ICC children’s villages across the world to give first true loving care to children and treat them fairly because they are to grow and become stronger than we are today. All in all, God is all-ears, all-eyes; he hears our prayers and an eye- witness capable to uplift our thoughts and answer our desires. ”

Uwimana Francine