ICC Projects provide help to their communities during the global pandemic.

Thank you for providing for the children at this time during the COVID-19 outbreak. While your support continues to meet the needs of the children, there are many people in the surrounding communities who are suffering. Here is how two of the ICC projects are helping those in need.

Fundación Fuente de Vida, was able to deliver needed goods to needy children and families in Nicaragua. María Angelica Campos, program director, is pictured with a local family.

Fundación Fuente de Vida, Nicaragua

In the last week of April, staff of Fundación Fuente de Vida in Nicaragua visited families to provide support and deliver food, clothes and toilet paper. They were careful to take the recommended measures regarding the distance between people, and wore PPE.

Click here to learn more about Fundación Fuente de Vida.

Your consistent and loving care makes it possible for ICC children and staff to give to their communities. Here, Samilin Williams, director of Las Palmas, prays with local families. The goods delivered to neighbors serve as a tremendous outreach to the community, and are extensions of your love for the children. Thank you!

Las Palmas Children’s Village, Dominican Republic

ICC’s Las Palmas Children’s Village in the Dominican Republic distributed food and Gospel tracts to families struggling with COVID-19 financial needs. The neighbors joyfully received bread made with the help of ICC children, yucca and plantains from the campus farm, and Steps to Christs and “Centinelas” from the church outreach fund. They also welcomed the prayers and encouragement from ICC staff. 

“For us, it was a great joy to share out of what we are blessed with,” said Samilin Williams, campus administrator. She and other adults with PPE’s visited community homes, which they have done three times now. It has been a great way to win their neighbors’ hearts, and to see the exponential difference donors around the world make as they support children. 

Click here to read more about Las Palmas.


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