God has recently provided for the Las Palmas Children’s Village in a special way. A man in a nearby town wanted to do something to help people during the pandemic. Unsure where to start, he called a newspaper reporter to ask for ideas of what or who he could help. The reporter is an Adventist and knows Samilin, so she told him about Las Palmas, and shared Samilin’s phone number.

He called Samilin and asked what he could do to help. She gave him a few ideas, and a few days later he showed up with several bags of groceries in his car. Samilin and the other staff members were very appreciative. They made him feel good and showed him around campus. Later, he called and told Samilin how happy he was to be able to help in a small way.

“This was just a little that I brought, but I’m thinking about doing this every month, and bringing bigger quantities. I can see now that this is going to be used in a very good way. I’m Catholic, but I don’t think our religion matters in this. In God we are united in helping each other. It has brought me so much joy to help you, I am just so happy right now!”

You can also join in the blessing of orphan care! Make a difference today.


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