The first picking of peppers has been completed successfully at the El Oasis farm in Mexico and what a harvest it was!

There were 108 tons of Tomatillos and 124 tons of three different kinds of chili peppers – jalapeño, Serrano, and Guerito.

This is a terrific start to the harvest and reminds us that this crop was specially dedicated early this year soon after the seedlings were planted. This isn’t all about peppers. It’s a ministry to showcase partnership with God in serving the children.

If all goes well, there will be eight pickings in the total harvest. Raul Rivera, who was featured in last month’s Que Pasa, worked hard  with his team to get the harvest to market early. And their efforts paid off as they were able to get an excellent price for these vegetables. 

Peppers are packed in boxes with the following phrase, “Hope Harvest Vegetables – Harvesting the seed of hope.” Our hope is that buyers will show preference to purchase the El Oasis products so the proceeds will bless the children of El Oasis. Please pray for the ongoing harvest – not only of peppers and tomatillos – but also of the children. In the next Que Pasa, we’ll share such a story of one of the children who was one of the first “seedlings” to arrive at El Oasis back in 1997!

JULY 2020.

The pepper and tomatillo crops at El Oasis Children’s Village in Mexico are starting to be harvested and sold. It is a blessing to see the harvest of your support return in such abundance. God is good!

THANK YOU to all who have supported this project. Now we see the results of your gifts of love! The moneys that come out of the sales will go back to the children we serve.

If you would like to support our El Oasis Farm and Children’s Village, donate today and select “Mexico” in the dropdown menu.

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Ricarda "Ricky" · November 29, 2020 at 9:21 am

El Oasis is one of several orphanages I deliver clothing, groceries and small household items four times a year, I started two years ago.This farm is absolutely impressive and their onsite staff has always been welcoming and accepted my deliveries, even though my timing and travel planning doesn’t turn out the way I expect. I am preparing for my last mission and deliveries of 2020 and El Oasis will be part of my upcoming charity trail Jeep run next month in December. A brief summary on what I do, in 2018 I decided to form Valley of Advent Children, a nonprofit organization that provides new and used donated items for children and adults along with fresh groceries to several orphanage, refugee shelters and women shelters. As of 2020 I also partnered with a nonprofit back home that provides free medical supplies around the world to free clinics, hospitals and to volunteer medical professionals who offer no cost medical services to patients in impoverished regions and communities and I assist with deliveries in the Northern regions of Baja. On my own I handle all aspects of the organization from donation searches and collections, fundraisers out of my home or venues in Orange County and juggle with calendaring with upcoming missions. From sorting donations to assigning items to a particular orphanage to packing, loading and transporting to multiple facilities in B.C. Mexico, God has allowed me to continue running most of the organization operations on my own and truth be told, I can’t see myself doing anything else, I love to serve the Lord through what He’s called me to do. From my charity to yours and El Oasis Orphanage, I wish you all the best and may our Lord’s blessings reach every child and on site staff, volunteers and farm staff. Happy Holidays to ICC and the remarkable job you carry out.

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