A Child of War

Georime never knew her parents. They died in a rebel insurgence when she was only six-months old. During the 1990s and early 2000s, war tormented the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many children received an inheritance of trauma from the ongoing insurgent warfare. Georime felt this trauma deeply. She longed for what she had never known: a family. She longed for love that can only come from the heart of a mother.

A long period of suffering marked Georime’s earliest memories. She and sixteen other orphans lived with nuns. Sadly, the nuns had limited resources with which to care for those suffering children. They desperately needed help.

Georime, pictured in 2005,  was one of the first children to arrive at ICC Congo. Because of your support, she was able to be raised in the care of a loving family, safe from the war going on in D.R. Congo at that time.

Traveling to Safety

As the war continued, it became increasingly dangerous to travel. Word spread of a place in Goma where orphans received care, but travel was dangerous. Georime gathered her belongings, which all fit into one small plastic bag. She only owned a single set of clothes.

Many children got sick on the road, but they arrived safely in Goma to be placed into the care of PROLASA, a missionary organization. This was an improvement from Georime’s former life, but it was no long-term home for children. In addition, rumors spread that armed troups were planning to take the entire city of Goma.

A Safe Haven for Children

That is when International Children’s Care stepped in. On the island of Idjwi in Lake Kivu, a special spot of land was purchased to be a safe haven for children. The island was free from war and fighting. There, a new Children’s Village would be built.

Georime was one of the first children to live at Patmos Children’s Village. Mothers and fathers cared for children as a loving family in individual homes. Each day the children received food and physical care. Soon, those afflicted with disease began to heal. The children also attended school and worship services, where they learned about a loving heavenly father.

Surrounded by Love

As Georime grew up, many of her ICC siblings attended college or work training, but nothing seemed to be a good fit for her. One thing was certain, though… Georime always enjoyed helping her house mother with the children in the home. She loved the younger children and the children loved her.

When Georime married, her Patmos family supported her with excitement. Surrounded by good-hearted people who loved her with all their hearts, Georime felt the love of a true family at the Patmos Children’s Village.

Because of your support, Georime is now providing love and care to children who need it the most. She truly has a heart of a mother. She is pictured here in January 2020.
Because of your support, Georime is now providing love and care to children who need it the most. She truly has a heart of a mother. She is pictured here in January 2020.

The Heart of a Mother

Years passed, and then in 2013 Georime decided to return home. With her husband, she became a house parent at Patmos Children’s Village. Georime is now providing love and care to children who need it the most. Georime’s life experiences give her special skills to help the children in her care. These children have experienced similar trauma as Georime. She truly has a heart of a mother.

“Since I started working, I have been so happy to care for children,” Says Georime. “I know that I am reciprocating the kindness I was treated with since childhood. I remain thankful to the sponsors who helped me up to maturity. You have been my savior as Jesus has been our Savior to all of us. My thanks go straight to God for his protection and care.”

You Can Make a Difference!

Georime is just one of many ICC mothers around the world who go above and beyond to care for hurt and healing children. Because of your support, the children are loved deeply by house mothers who treat them as their own biological family. 

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