Updates Around the World From Your ICC Family

Here are just a few exciting updates from our family around the world. Because of your support, ICC children celebrate the exciting changes and growths taking place.

Welcome ICC Japan!

From left to right: Rick Fleck, Kent Greve, Pastor Seonjae Sung, Jin Wah Park, and Sharon Fleck.

Please join us in welcoming a new partner office to the ICC Family! Pastor Seonjae Sung, with his wife, Jin Wah Park, will lead ICC Japan in new fundraising efforts. As a result, it will be a blessing to watch the ICC family grow in Japan and around the world.

Patmos Girls Start College

All around the world, students of all ages are attending school. This school year looks different due the global pandemic. As a result, many safety measures are set in place, such as wearing masks. There have been no cases of COVID-19 on Idjwi Island, where the Patmos Children’s Village is located. So, in-person classwork is taking place. These three college girls wear masks to stay safe for  in-person classes.

Jalapeño Industry is Also a Mission Center

Three people recently gave their lives to Jesus at El Oasis in Mexico. On the Jalapeño farm, not all employees are Christian. So, Raul, the farming manager, makes a special point to witness to those around him, sharing God’s love. Juanita and Raul, pictured above, are cousins. Juanita came to visit and assisted on the farm. After studying Bible truths with Raul, she and her sons accepted Jesus. Because of Raul’s care in studying the Bible, Juanita’s family dedicated their lives to Jesus. So, in an important way, the Jalapeño Industry is also a mission center! All around the world, your support makes mission work like this possible.

Juanita’s oldest son, Omar, in the baptismal tank.

Los Pinos Sabbath School Construction Continues

At Los Pinos, the Sabbath School classroom construction continues to progress. It is a blessing that the construction is not prohibited by COVID-19. Thank you to each person who helped make this project possible! In addition to support from donors, ASI, and Versacare, the Los Pinos church also took up offerings to support the completion of this building project. As the children watch the building continue to be built, they look forward to the day when they will be able to enjoy these Sabbath School rooms.


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