Answer to the “Un-Prayed Prayer” – Written By Bambi Perrin, ICC Public Relations Associate

Before they call, I will answer; while they are still speaking, I will hear.”

Isaiah 65:24 NIV

What an amazing Bible promise, and one we tend to push to the back of our minds. How many times has God answered prayer before we even thought to call out? Or, how often has God used us to be the answer to someone else’s un-prayed prayer? I am sure I haven’t recognized even a fraction of all He has done for me. Recently, however, God gave me the privilege of knowing He answered an as yet un-prayed prayer.

The Tearful Donor

The day began as all too many post-the-start-of-COVID-19 days have, with a donor tearfully explaining that she needs to stop her monthly gifts due to COVID-19-related financial difficulties. In the beginning, a call like this would have me immediately praying for the donor in addition to adding her to my prayer list. 

I am ashamed to admit, though, that, as time has gone on and these calls have gotten more common, rather than praying immediately, I just add them to my list and go on as though it’s “business as usual.”

God reminded me that it’s not “business as usual” right now and, even if it were, I should not be decreasing the frequency and fervency of my prayers. He also reminded me that He doesn’t need my prayers to be faithful in answering them. 

Answer to the “Un-Prayed Prayer”

He brought the above-mentioned verse to mind when, less than an hour after the call from our tearful donor, another faithful donor said, “God’s been prompting me to give more”, and increased his monthly gift by the exact amount our tearful donor used to give! What an amazing God we serve! He didn’t wait for me to start praying before answering. He didn’t even wait until our tearful donor stopped her gifts before working on the heart of another.

Daily, God is working to answer your un-prayed prayers. He knows and cares for you, just as He knows and cares for the orphan children. Yet, that does not mean we need to pray less. We must pray more! We must pray that God will not only care for the needs of others but that He will use us to help answer someone else’s un-prayed prayer. Perhaps you have not been able to give as much as you wish you could, but God knows your heart. He will bless the children through your kindness, no matter how big or small you may perceive your gift to be. 

Will you be the answer?

Or, perhaps you are ready and able to give more. How many orphan children have had their prayers answered because of your support? Some children living in poverty don’t yet know Jesus or don’t know how to pray. Yet, God still watches out for them. Will you step out in faith to answer an orphan child’s un-prayed prayer?