A Reason to be Thankful:

A Special Message from ICC President, Rick Fleck

There is something special about the season of Thanksgiving. As the air changes from cool to cold, and plans are made to feast with family and friends, I can’t help but feel excited. The season reminds me to take time to recognize that I have a reason to be thankful. Of course, this year’s Thanksgiving will surely be different than any other.

As I write this, the election is a few weeks away and there is much unrest in the United States, as well as around the world. Many people continue to social-distance and will do so for a while longer. Will life ever be “normal” again?

In the midst of this constantly changing world, there is one thing that will not change this Thanksgiving season. That is how thankful I am, and how thankful the children are, for YOU. 

Because of you, once-orphaned children now sit at the family table with parents that love them. You give them a reason to be thankful! They are able to hold hands with their sisters and brothers, laughing and telling stories. Oh, to imagine what they might say! 

While it’s not possible to join the children for dinner this Thanksgiving, know that you are always at the table in their hearts.

This Thanksgiving season, your loving care makes it possible for orphan children, like this boy from Mexico, to know the blessing of family in a safe home. Thank you!

A Thanksgiving Feast

Following on the theme of sitting at the table, the next few sections are what you might call a “thanksgiving feast” of quotes, photos, and stories from all around the world. The common thread in each section is thankfulness and thoughtfulness for you. Thank you for all you do and Happy Thanksgiving!

You Provide Safety

Because of your support, ICC children have security and safety in their homes during the pandemic. For that they are thankful! Just as you think of the children, they also think of you.

“I’m concerned about my family and my sponsors. I don’t want them to get infected. I’m fine here. I have everything I need, and we are well cared for.”

Anselmo, Age 12, Guatemala

“I’m concerned about my family. I don’t want them to be infected, and I hope they are washing their hands and using masks. I feel protected in the Hogar. They take care of us a lot.”

Julio, Age 13, Guatemala

You Provide Health

Most children who come to us lived in poverty before joining the ICC family. Now, your support makes it possible for these children to have full bellies and healthy living! Desiré, the Patmos director in Congo, recently shared this about the children. 

“Often, the children say that at home in their villages of origin, they ate food without oil, and often without cooking salt, only had one food… But at Patmos, all sorts of food are available. 

“The children say that they used to spend several days and nights in the forest to hide or flee from the criminals who often came to loot their property and empty their food stores. Currently, they are very happy to be in an environment where they cannot see more weapons.”

You Provide Change

Sherlin joined Las Palmas Children’s Village in Dominican Republic when she was just three-years-old. She arrived hungry, sick, and in desperate need of a stable family. Because of a self-destructive lifestyle, Sherlin’s mother was in an advanced stage of tuberculosis and could not care for her. Government officials intervened and brought Sherlin to ICC. Although she tested positive for tuberculosis, she did not have the disease and was not contagious. 

Sherlin was taken to a pediatric immunologist to learn how to provide proper care. Sherlin also suffered from malnutrition. So, the Las Palmas staff went to work providing Sherlin with care and love. In a short while, Sherlin looked and felt much better. Now, Sherlin is eating very well and loves vegetables. She is 5-years-old and follows her house mother everywhere around the house, talking the entire time. From the life of a hungry and sick child, Sherlin has transformed into a very happy and healthy little girl.

This is a prime example of the transformative power that you help to provide in the life of ICC Children! While we may not be able to sit at the family table and exchange stories with the children here on earth, surely there will be an opportunity in Heaven. That will be the ultimate “Thanksgiving” meal! Thank you for all you do to bless the kids!