From now until December 31, your “extra gift” can provide a double blessing for children, thanks to the Christmas Hope Matching Challenge.

What a year this has been! COVID-19, firestorms, hurricanes, civil and political agitation, and ongoing uncertainty about what the future holds. What the world needs now during this Christmas season is Hope. And where can hope be found?

Rick Fleck, ICC president, recently shared that “In the chaos, the suffering, the ‘new normal’ – whatever happens – our God is in control! ‘God will be what holds things together, fast and firm during these times.’ Isa 33:6” Voice

In Desperate Need of Hope

Hope is the theme of this special Christmas edition of the Que Pasa, because right now, we face a difficult and uphill struggle.

  • Donations have not kept pace with expenses.
  • Reserve funds are depleted.
  • The health, safety and well-being of the children is threatened.

We are coming to YOU, our ICC family, with the hope that you will give generously to provide for the children this Christmas. And we’ve been given a wonderful “ray of hope” that you can experience as well! Dedicated family members have offered a special Christmas Hope Matching Challenge to ensure that the children receive the care they need. 

Christmas Hope Matching Challenge

From now until December 31, your “extra gift” can be matched to provide a double blessing for children like the newly arrived children in Mexico. 

Just recently, these kids were without hope. But, now they’ve found a refuge at the El Oasis Children’s Village, where they depend upon the love, prayers and financial support of ICC family members like you. 

This matching challenge is for a limited time, so please, participate right away. And as you do, please pray for the children, many of whom have come from hopeless situations. 

Your Matching Hope Gift Will Provide for Newly Arrived Children

Sixteen new children arrived at El Oasis Children’s Village in Mexico over the last few months. Because El Oasis is equipped to take in sibling groups, the child protection authorities have placed a priority on sending us multiple children from the same family. 

All the children have sad stories of families that have experienced the tragedies so common in that part of Mexico. Lives torn apart by poverty, substance abuse and promiscuity. The brokenness these children feel may be hidden beneath their guarded smiles, but it is real – and it will take time to heal. 

What is important to them now is that they have a safe, nurturing environment. A home. A family. Food. A quality education. An opportunity to learn about Jesus. And thanks to ICC family members like you, they have these things. They have hope.

The First Children at El Oasis

It was 23 years ago this Christmas that the first group of children arrived at the El Oasis campus. Wide-eyed, shy, eager to explore their new surroundings, full of hope that this place would be different – in a good way. 

Recently we shared the story of Ricardo who was part of that “first family” of El Oasis. This summer he graduated with his degree in dentistry, and his brother, Manuel, will also be graduating next year with the same degree. What a wonderful difference hope made in shaping the future of these brothers. And their hope was realized because of caring ICC family members like YOU! 

You Can Provide a Gift of Hope!

And now, a new generation of children looks up to YOU. Just now, you can provide a gift of hope by giving to the Christmas Hope Matching Challenge. Please mark your gift as “Matching Hope.”

Thank you so very much for your gift that instills Hope this Christmas!