Your year-end gift is needed to help provide for the children.

ICC children are eager! Eager to learn, love and be loved, eager to move forward and to grow and develop. Yet, as 2021 is about to begin, there is much uncertainty about what the future holds. Will their eagerness be tempered by economic crisis and budget shortfalls? Or will they be able to realize their hopes and dreams and move forward with energy and enthusiasm?

Your year-end gift can help ensure that these children thrive! It will help to provide for the nurturing care, food, clothing, shelter, and schooling that the children need. 

Your donation is tax-deductible, but time is running out for this year. Only three days remain. Can the children count on YOU to provide for their on-going support?

We can’t predict what will happen in 2021. Life is unpredictable in this age. Yet, your support will help provide stability for these children in the face of world-wide uncertainty.

Thank you for your gift to help orphaned children. Have a blessed New Year!


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