Growing jalapeño peppers helps supplement the costs of operating the El Oasis Children’s Village in Mexico. The peppers grown on the farm are sold in both the United States and Mexico. In this episode of The Gathering Place, Raúl Rivera, the farm manager, talks with Daniel Ixcot of ICC Mexico, about how the farm is benefitting El Oasis and the surrounding communities.

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Thanks to your support, the El Oasis farm in Mexico continues to provide operating resources for the care of the children. Click the following link to discover more about the farm, and its 70 acres in cultivation.

A farm employee gathers jalepeños at El Oasis Farm.
The El Oasis produce helps to stretch your contributions even further, creating an even larger impact for the children!

The 2021 season is just starting at the El Oasis farm. Please pray that God will continue to direct and bless this important endeavor. And as the seedlings grow to maturity and produce a harvest, pray for the children of El Oasis that they, too, will grow and develop and will be part of the “Heavenly Harvest” when Jesus returns!