When these two girls, Michelline (bottom) and Aline (top), joined the ICC family in DR Congo as children, they very much needed a loving family. They needed food, medical attention, education, loving care, and much more. Your support helped to provide that to the girls. Now, they are grown and soon to graduate from university.

From Orphan to University Graduate, Thanks to YOU!

Through the generous support of ICC family members like you, ICC’s Patmos Children’s Village has been a haven of refuge for hundreds of orphan children as conflicts continue to ravage the DR Congo. Michelline and Aline are two such children. The have grown up and thrived within the loving care that you help to provide. Now they have gone from troubled orphans to University students – Thanks to you!

Tragic Beginnings

All the children who become part of ICC’s family have tragic stories of why they were orphaned. Sadly, many of the children lost their parents at such a young age that they don’t even remember them. Micheline and Aline’s parents were either killed as part of the civil unrest in the DR Congo or were forced to join the army and were never heard from again. 

When these girls became a part of the ICC family in the DR Congo several years ago, they very much needed a loving family to provide for them – including food, clothing, medical attention, education, and loving care. Sponsors are a large part of that care, not only providing financial support, but also fostering a positive sense of well-being. 

A University Degree

Within the Patmos Children’s Village, the girls grew and developed and thrived. And now, many years later, they have achieved something very special – a university degree. 

Recently, as part of the final requirements, Micheline and Aline had to sit and defend their research papers. You would have been so proud of them. And in this culture, how important it is for young ladies to realize this achievement! And You have helped to make this possible through your support!

Patmos director, Desire had this to say about the two girls:

“God has never ceased to perform miracles for His children. We are extremely happy to realize that ICC as a humanitarian organization is changing the needy people’s lives. When we admit children whose health present alarming signs of deterioration and see them becoming great, we need to sincerely thank God for that endless love and mercy upon us and the children. 

The children begin their kindergarten education, primary school, secondary school and professional training; we are so thankful for that, and we are addressing our thanks to ICC and its sponsors.

Today, two of our daughters completed their professional training…They are ready to integrate [into] normal life like any other human being. May God bless ICC, its donors and lengthen their lives.”

The Finishing Touch

Over 70 children are within the portion of ICC’s program we consider as “The Finishing Touch.” These children have lived in ICC homes, have worshiped in ICC churches, and have studied in ICC schools. Now they study in vocational training programs at university. 

This finishing touch is just as essential as their “growing up years.” It is a preparatory and transitional time for them. But as you well know, there are often higher costs associated with this. But if we did not provide this finishing touch for them, what would be the cost to these young lives not only in this life but possibly even for eternity? 

Please, while this story is on your mind, won’t you consider giving a generous gift on behalf of the older children who are preparing to live independently? Please mark your gift as “Finishing Touch.” You’ll be happy to know that 100% of your gift will go directly to help children like Micheline and Aline. On behalf of these older children, thank you very much for your generosity!