Baptisms in Congo
Thank you for the support you give that enables ICC children to learn about Jesus and make decisions for Him!

Thank you for making it possible for children to learn about Jesus. What a thrill it is when they decide to be baptized! Several baptisms took place recently. In addition, we received a testimony from one of the young men from the Patmos Children’s Village in the DR Congo. He shared what led to his decision for baptism. Here is an edited excerpt:

Baptisms in Congo: One Child’s Testimony

When my parents died, I became an orphan, and nobody said they would care for me. As I was suffering helplessly, an Adventist pastor knew my suffering; He knew that I had nobody to take care of me. There was an organization called ICC which was receiving children whose fathers and mothers had died, and I was admitted.

Years later, an older boy at Patmos became my closest friend. He insisted that I go to sing in the choir, so I agreed to become a member. We sang at an evangelistic campaign led by Pastor Ongasa. This pastor’s sermon was about the signs of the last days. It was good preaching and very touching. By the end of the campaign, I accepted the call to be baptized. The whole group of young people in the choir was also baptized.

Not long ago, another baptism took place at the Patmos Children’s Village. Désiré, our village director, shared the following exciting news, “We did an evangelistic campaign for 2 weeks, and we baptized 16 souls including 12 children from the village of Patmos. May God be praised.” 

The choice these children made to dedicate their lives to Jesus is a direct result of the support and love that you so freely give. Many of the children only learned about Jesus from their time at the children’s village. Please join us in praising God for the baptisms and the decisions these children have made to accept Jesus as their Savior.


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