Farm Dedication at El Oasis

One bright and early Spring morning, El Oasis children followed their house parents to a big and empty field. Farm workers and friends also met there. That would not be an ordinary morning. It was the prayer and dedication ceremony for a new season of growth at the El Oasis Farm. The sleepy children must have felt excited to be part of such a momentous event! 

As the sun peeked over the horizon, a special prayer took place. It recognized God’s hand in protecting the little seedlings of the farm and, by extension, providing for the children of El Oasis.

The children then participated in planting some of the first seedlings! They gathered small shovels and, with the help of parents and older siblings, placed little plants into the earth. By seventh-thirty, farm workers began to plant the crop in earnest. Thus, a new season of growth began at El Oasis Farm.

Growing the Impact of Your Support

Throughout the year, the harvest of jalapeños and other produce helps to sustain the children’s village. It helps to generate funds for operating costs, enabling your contributions to stretch even further. This is only possible thanks to your support, and thanks to the protection of our Heavenly Father over those 55 acres of farmland.

Yet, the farm is not the only harvest that is being planted and prayed over at El Oasis Children’s Village. Each child that comes to live at El Oasis arrives like a little seed that needs planting in rich soil.

Other Seeds of Growth: The Children!

Before arriving, children quite often experience pain and loss. Many would have died from malnutrition or neglect if not for the timely intervention that brought them to El Oasis. Now, with the nurturing care that you help to provide, the children have a chance to grow into healthy and happy adults.

Caring people, such as donors and parents, help to water the children with love. The Christian family structure creates a rich soil for children to grow strong roots. Freedom from poverty and neglect provides a bright ray of sunshine to help a wilted child blossom. 

This nurturing care is only possible because of the support of loving donors! 

As the children grow, that care is then returned in a rich harvest as they share the love they received with others! Grown ICC children often decide to give back to the community through careers of service, or even by working at the children’s village. Whatever career path they choose, the lives of those around them will be touched by the love they exhibit.

Thank you for helping to nurture these children as they grow! Your care is changing lives!


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