The Gathering Place Ep 7: In this episode of The Gathering Place, Doug Congleton talks about what sponsorships mean for the children and for you. Doug also answers oft-asked questions about sponsoring a child through ICC.

Change a Life, Sponsor a Child Today:

Flori in Romania 

Why Sponsor a Child Today?

By becoming a sponsor, you give your love and support so that orphaned and abandoned children aren’t forced to try and make it on their own in the world. Your support will help to provide children with parents, education, counseling, and spiritual guidance. This, as well as daily care, help to make hopeless children into hopeful children… with a bright future!

How Much Does It Cost to Sponsor?

Though the amount of financial support needed for each child varies depending on the country, age of the child, and level of education, the average amount is $400 per month. In order to provide adequately for each child and to offer multiple “hero opportunities,” ICC operates a shared sponsorship program. Due to the costs of providing a life-sustaining program, we have a suggested minimum monthly donation of $35. Many give more, and we do our best to accommodate everyone’s desire to be a hero in the life of a child.

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