Blessings We’ve Received Within the ICC Family

Editor’s Note: It’s the season to be thankful for all that God has done for us. And within the ICC family, we have much for which to be grateful. God has blessed and protected the children and caregivers as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the world. 

The children are growing and thriving in spite of the chaos that exists in the communities that surround them. Truly the Children’s Village model of care is a blessing for them as they prepare themselves for the future.

These two reports from our children’s villages demonstrate how much we can be thankful.

Patmos Children’s Village

Baptisms at our projects are some of the most inspiring and joyful occasions. We often consider that our mission is aimed at saving the lives of children twice — in this life and for eternity. We are thrilled and thankful when one of our children makes the decision to surrender his or her life to Jesus. 

Désiré, project director at the Patmos Children’s Village, sent some photos of a recent baptism held in Lake Kivu. He shared that our campus chaplain conducted a two-week evangelistic campaign at the Patmos Children’s Village church. The theme of the campaign was “Young [people], remember your Creator during the days of your youth.”

This Thanksgiving, the ICC family can be grateful that this campaign resulted in 17 of our Patmos youth being baptized. This included 9 girls and 8 boys. Praise the Lord!

Los Pinos Children’s Village

Not long ago, the Los Pinos Children’s Village was struck by the COVID-19 pandemic. This could have been disastrous to our ICC family there. However, through God’s providential care and the quick action of staff members, a great tragedy was avoided. 

Life is mostly back to normal now, and recently the Los Pinos family celebrated Guatemala Independence Day. The project administration feels that such celebrations contribute to the overall development of the children. Included in the event was a delicious meal as well as a special program highlighting the beauties of Guatemalan culture. The children enjoyed learning interesting facts about Guatemala’s independence. 

One of the Los Pinos staff members recognized just how important the children are to this ministry. She stated that “children are the engine that drives [Los Pinos}, and their joy fills our hearts.”

This Thanksgiving, the ICC family can be grateful for God’s providential care of the Los Pinos family through the pandemic and for the energy of “His Kids” which is the engine that drives this ministry forward!


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