At the Las Palmas Children’s Village in the Dominican Republic, caring for the children goes beyond basic essentials such as providing food, clothing, shelter, medical attention, and education. It includes something quite important to the well-being of a growing child. What is it? The opportunity to participate in making music!

José Rojas conducts the Las Palmas orchestra during their performance at the opening of the G.W. Brown medical clinic and R.E. Coy counseling center. The orchestra is comprised of kids from the Las Palmas campus.

For several years, one of Las Palmas’ most unsung heroes of the children is José Ramón Rojas, nicknamed “Job” after the Bible story. Job is multitalented, dedicated, and eager to serve the needs of the children at Las Palmas. He earned the name of Job because of his character. He’s known for his patience, humility, and love for others. This is exemplified in something that happened while he studied for a degree in architecture. Job was repeatedly denied completing one essential class because the teacher required exams to be taken on Sabbath. The teacher made no exceptions. This went on year after year, during which time Job was unable to complete his degree. Through it all, Job remained faithful to his beliefs and values. His patience was rewarded when that professor passed away, and Job was able to complete the class — and his degree. 

Job has used his architecture training to construct several buildings on the Las Palmas campus, the most recent of which is the G.W. Brown medical clinic and R.E. Coy counseling center. 

The G.W. Brown medical clinic and R.E. Coy counseling center.

As important as the building projects have been, what has truly endeared Job to the Las Palmas children is his love for and a gift of music. Job is a talented musician and enjoys teaching Las Palmas children to play instruments and participate as a group in the campus orchestra. He does this completely as a volunteer. 

Recently, Job conducted a music workshop on the Las Palmas campus for the kids in the orchestra. At the end of the workshop, the entire Las Palmas family was blessed to hear the results when the orchestra performed in concert. 

The Las Palmas orchestra after participating in the music workshop conducted by José “Job” Rojas [second from right – back row. The tall guy].

Does this type of “care” for children enhance their sense of well-being? Most definitely! In fact, at the nearby Adventist university other students find it difficult to believe Las Palmas children are actually orphaned. “How is it,” they say, “that you know how to play a musical instrument? We were never given that opportunity.”

The care you provide through your generous support enables Las Palmas children, as well as others throughout the ICC family, to have more than just “the basics.” They also experience the joy of music which lasts not only a lifetime here on earth but will grow and expand through eternity as they praise their creator through music. Thank you for the care you help to provide for the children!


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