Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from India

Christmas together in India. Sweet Home gathers together for the holidays.
Thanks to your support, ICC’s children in India experienced the blessing and joy of Christmas. Thanks for all you do for the kids!

According to Udai Valluri, DEWS Sweet Home business manager, Christmas is the best day of the year “because all the DEWS Sweet Home family gathers. Spending Christmas with my family in Sweet Home is very important to me.

We spend the day preparing a big Christmas lunch/dinner, with all the trimmings. The children love to see each other. They spend the day playing games and sharing their new gifts and toys… They get so eager to decorate that it is hard to restrain them.” At the Sweet Home Children’s Village, Christmas is celebrated with different activities throughout the week. Special meals for breakfast, lunch, and supper are prepared to create a special homelike feel for the children.

In previous years, the children visited churches and performed a Christmas pageant. Due to the pandemic, they were unable to make these presentations about Christ’s birth. The local church visited Sweet Home and sang carols. The children enjoyed singing and praising God.

Christmas was celebrated on the 26th of December. The Sweet Home family gathered for a special service. The children sang songs and one of the house parents gave a message on Christ’s birth.

Afterward, everyone enjoyed a meal that included fruits, sweets, and snacks. That night, the children participated in another program where they received their gifts.

Christmas is a special time for the children. According to Udai, “each one of us thanked the Lord for providing us a safe place where we are loved and well cared for. Thanks to all the sponsors and donors.”


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