A Personal Reflection From A Supporter Of The Children

Editor’s Note: One of our ICC family members wrote the following account of his own childhood experience. Though he wishes to remain anonymous, he does attest to the impact your support can have on the life of an orphan child.

A student writes in their notebook while attending class at the school on the campus of the Las Palmas Children’s Village.

I’ve lived in Europe and Asia and have visited nearly 30 countries. As I recall some of my visits, I am reminded of a time when my wife and I were part of a team sent to the Dominican Republic for evangelism. Thankfully, we had the opportunity to visit the ICC school there. Seeing the kids and the care they were being given made it especially important to me afterward in giving to ICC. Here’s why.

I am the last of eight children in a broken, dysfunctional family. My father left my mother ending their marriage in a divorce that separated us kids. With the loss of the farm and our home, my mother had to work to support us. But things never seemed to go well with her, and I in particular became a burden she never wanted, and that resulted in my being given away twice by the time I was twelve.

I had moved 17 times and again found myself living with my mom; this time in the upstairs of a somewhat converted barn. A school dropout, I found little work. It was time for me to leave on my own. At 17, I joined the military.

“The boy or girl you help will someday ‘pass it on.’”

After the service, I worked odd jobs for many years until finally using the GI benefits to help me through college. Earning a degree helped me secure a good job for the rest of my working life. All of this happened many years ago. I’m retired now, and though I’m not rich, neither am I “poor.” Faith in God saw me through it all. But I missed my childhood, family, early education, and making trusting friends when I was young, all of which ICC provides to the orphaned kids they take in. 

You can help spare the pain and suffering of a child you’ve never met by giving to ICC. The boy or girl you help will someday “pass it on,” and this will lead to Jesus who is gathering them from “every nation, tribe, tongue, and people.” Rev. 14:6.

For His Kids,