Patmos children reach milestones thanks to YOU!

At the Patmos Children’s Village in the D.R. Congo, the children look forward to the New Year’s festivities. This is a time set aside for the entire village to turn out and celebrate the beginning of a new year and also a time to recognize the achievements of some of their older siblings. 

The children dress up alike. And yes, if you were visiting, the campus staff would likely have a matching outfit just for you!

During the New Year’s ceremonies, the children dress in matching garments, sing for each other, and play games.

The morning was full of activities beginning with a spiritual focus. The choir sang and two different pastors shared messages for the Patmos family. This set the tone for the day, for even when the celebration commenced, one of the activities for the children was to recite the books of the Bible and their authors. The children also participated in traditional games and activities and performed for one another and for the adults within the community. And yes, a special meal was included. 

The highlight of the day was a special ceremony for the older young people who were becoming independent. At this year’s celebration, six of the youth were recognized for their achievements and pursuit of being self-sustaining.

These young people from the Patmos Children’s Village in the D.R. Congo are being recognized as part of the annual New Year’s celebration. They’re being recognized for their achievements and pursuit of becoming independent individuals.

This is an important rite of passage for these young people, many of whom feel a bit apprehensive about what it will be like living on their own. After all, for many of them, the Patmos village was a haven from traumas they experienced early in life. The Patmos project does not just send these young people away empty-handed. They provided them with tangible gifts and in many cases, will also provide transitional assistance. 

It’s because of support from people like you that an ICC child can transition from a desperate orphan to an eager young adult ready to live on their own.

This mission would not be possible without the loving care that individuals like you provide for the children.

On their behalf, thank you for making celebrations like this possible!


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