Read one teacher’s experience teaching His Kids

Your support helps to provide children at the Las Palmas Children’s Village with a quality education. This includes teaching them the vital skill of learning to read.

Yanna benefits from the teaching she receives at the school at Las Palmas. Yanna graduated at the top of her first-grade class.
Yanna was the top student in her first-grade class. In her graduation speech, she shared the following, “I want to thank God for helping me in my learning process, my teacher for her love and dedication during class time, my parents because they never left me alone and the institution “Las Palmas” for their financial support.”

When the children arrive at Las Palmas, they have many learning challenges. The teachers work diligently with the children using various motivational activities. One goal for the first-grade class is for them to be able to celebrate their graduation. This celebration is called “Ya se leer!” (Now I can read!) This is important for the children and places them on a path to success.

When the children finish their studies in high school, they are given the opportunity to help in school. 

Former Student Becomes Teacher

This was the case for Marva Jean Louis. When she finished high school, she became a teacher’s assistant. When the school staff saw that she had the ability to work as a teacher she was given that task.

An image of Marva Jean who is now teaching at the school at Las Palmas

Writing about her experience recently, Marva Jean said, “Being a teacher at Las Palmas Adventist School has been a blessing for me since teaching my brothers and sisters at HOCAP has helped me in my own learning. Working with their minds has been a challenge. … Sometimes my mind gets exhausted, but seeing the steps they take each day in their learning renews my strength. Teaching them has helped my character, and seeing their sincerity and tenderness encourages me to be like them. I thank God and the institution for this privilege.”

Las Palmas director, Samilin, sees firsthand the positive impact that your support has on the children. Here is a message of appreciation she shares with you.

Thank you to all the donors who, with your efforts for so many years, have changed the lives of children … Thank you for showing justice to them and rejoicing in giving so many children the opportunity to reach their goals. You are fulfilling Jesus’ principle where it says, “As you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to Me.”