Thank you for making joyful celebrations like this possible!

The joy of two lives joined together. Moses and Khayiwon receive a traditional Indian blessing before their wedding.
Udai and Kaliani Valluri (standing, far left and far right, respectively), give a traditional pre-wedding blessing to Moses and Khayiwon. Udai is the administrator of the DEWS Sweet Home Children’s Village in India. Moses grew up at Sweethome.

The support YOU provide for the children is transformational. Yes, the transformation may take months and even years. The growth and development of a child do take time. But consistent, nurturing care, fueled by the support you provide through your gifts, has a positive and telling impact over time. Moses, one of the older boys in India is yet another example of this.

Moses not long after he arrived at Sweet Home Children’s Village.

Several years ago, when Moses was very young, his mother left home and was never heard from again. His father was not able to provide the care that Moses and his siblings needed and eventually, they were brought to ICC’s Sweet Home Children’s Village in India. 

Moses thrived in his new home environment. Again, it was support from ICC family members like you that transformed him from a little child into a fine young man. 

Upon completion of high school, Moses enrolled at Spicer Adventist University. With the assistance of his ICC family, he eventually completed his degree in Theology. For the past few years, he has been serving as a pastor. However, something was missing in Moses’ life.

Not long ago, Moses met a young woman named Khayiwon. She had also earned a degree in Theology from Spicer and was working as a missionary. Neither of them knew of the other until the hand of Providence brought them together on a Zoom meeting for pastors. As the saying goes, “one thing led to another” and their interest and love sprouted, blossomed, and flourished until the couple decided they would get married. 

The official engagement ceremony took place on September 9 at a small church near Khayiwon’s home, which is in a distant state. Because Khayiwon’s father had passed away, her older brother initiated the program and introduced the bride-to-be’s family and their relationships.

Then, Moses introduced himself and the Sweet Home family and friends that were able to attend. He shared how he was blessed to be raised at such a lovely place as Sweet Home and to have so many brothers and sisters. Khayiwon also shared her gratitude for the love that her family had shown her.

The ceremony also included a pastoral message presented by the conference secretary. According to Udai, ICC’s business manager who attended the event, “It was like a thanksgiving prayer meeting where all the family and relatives gathered. 

Khayiwon and Moses during their wedding ceremony.

Moses and Khayiwon’s wedding took place on September 29 at the university church next to the Sweet Home campus where Moses had grown up. You can tell how much the homes that You have provided mean to the children when they eagerly return to celebrate such events! 

The wedding was lovely and many who attended shared their thanks to ICC and Sweet Home for the care that is given to many children. They recognized what a wonderful opportunity is being given to children like Moses to be a part of the ICC Sweet Home family.

Udai says that he often receives phone calls from many people who inquire if there is a boy or a girl who is ready for marriage from Sweet Home. They would like to have them in their family and even go so far as to say they don’t want any dowry.

Udai, himself one of ICC’s grown children from Sweet Home, recognizes that this is because of God’s grace through ICC and the wonderful things being taught to the children. 

When the couple was ready to leave, Khayiwon had tears of joy in her eyes. Not only had she fallen in love with Moses, but she had also fallen in love with Sweet Home! She promised that, when she gets some time off, she wants to return to Sweet Home and teach songs to the children and share the work of God there. 

Following is an excerpt from a message of thanksgiving that Moses wanted to share with the ICC family …

Dear Mom, Dad, & ICC family, 

Greetings in the name of our provider Jehovah Jireh. I praise God from whom all blessings flow. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart dear ICC family for your continued love, support, and prayers toward me. By God’s grace, from my childhood until this day, what I am today is because of ICC, the nurturing of Mom, Mrs. Lilly Kaligithi, and Sweet Home family, guidance from ICC, and support from sponsors through ICC … My wife, Khayiwon, and I heartfully express our gratitude for everything. Continue to pray for our ministry. May God continue to bless ICC and the Sweet Home family.