Thanks to YOU!

The new year dawns once again within the ICC family of children! And thanks to the support of caring ICC family members like you, the new year dawns with new hope, new dreams, and new frontiers to explore. This is especially true for the “new kids” who have recently become a part of our family. 

While their old life may have been filled with suffering, pain, and neglect, they are experiencing a new life of freedom and opportunity. And best of all, they are learning about their new Best Friend, Jesus who loves children and who is preparing a permanent, forever home for them in Heaven! 

Daniela, Ana, and Emily received a new life and a new beginning because of donors like you.
[Left to Right] Daniela, Ana, and Emily

Your support helps children like Daniela, Ana, and Emily to experience wonderful new beginnings in their lives. Here are their stories:

Because of the negative choices of her father and the mental health challenges of Daniela’s mother, Daniela grew up experiencing a life of poverty and abandonment. She was passed back and forth between several of her family members and her mother. Daniela never stayed very long at any one place because of the scarcity of food necessary to survive. Fortunately for Daniela, some kind-hearted church members intervened and arranged for her to join the ICC family.

Ana and Emily’s father died in a motorcycle accident on his way to work. The girl’s mother suffered from addictions and couldn’t adequately care for them. She would often leave Ana and Emily alone at home without any supervision. The mother became so depressed that a family member had to intervene Eventually the sisters were brought to us.

These three girls, Daniela, Ana, and Emily, are doing well within their new ICC family. They are happy, healthy, making new friends, and experiencing the joy that comes from feeling safe and secure and being loved. Please pray for them and the other newly arrived children as they grow and develop and transform as children of God. Thank you for your loving support of “His Kids!”