“Now, more than ever” orphan children need to hear the good news of the gospel! And through the generous support of ICC family members like you, young people like Isaac and Aryan have not only learned about Jesus, but they have also surrendered their lives to Him and have been baptized.

Though Isaac and Aryan are not related, they arrived at the DEWS Sweet Home campus in the same month – June of 2014. Isaac’s parents had been tragically killed in an automobile accident when he was just four years old. Aryan had lost both of his parents when he was seven. 

The other children welcomed Isaac and Aryan enthusiastically into the Sweet Home family. They were excited to have new brothers!

Not only did the boys arrive in the same month, their paths since then have been very similar. They were enrolled in the Flaiz school where they completed their elementary education. They are now in 10th grade at the school. 

And last year, both boys decided to accept Jesus as their personal Savior and were baptized. Their personal walk with Jesus hasn’t stopped there. Both Isaac and Aryan are active members in the church. They participate in Sabbath School and Vesper programs and are involved in special Bible Studies on Sabbath afternoons from 3 to 6 p.m.

These boys are representative of many children within the ICC family who have been given a new life after tragic events have caused them to be orphaned. What a thrill it is for all the ICC family when children like Isaac and Aryan thrive in their new home environment and prepare themselves for a home in Heaven!

Jesus is still the answer for orphan children, now, more than ever!