Your support has helped to transform the life of children like Lea Wasi from the DR Congo. Following is an edited excerpt of her story.

I was two years old when my father died in an ambush by foreign rebels. My uncle was the elder of an Adventist church in our area. He had recently received a letter telling about a ministry that would care for orphan children. My uncle, seeing that my mother had 10 children who were orphans, decided it would be better to take two of them to this ministry. I was selected along with my brother.

We had the opportunity and grace to come to the Prolasa receiving center when the orphanage was still in the city of Goma. We were welcomed with love. The staff took very good care of us. We ate three times per day, we received medical care, we were well dressed, and we were happy to meet other children who were in the same situation as us. We met kind housemothers, good supervisors and other people who really cared about us. Our questions were answered with satisfaction and our needs were met. At that point, we even forgot about the wars. 

In 2008 the orphanage moved to Idjwi, and that’s where I completed my Primary and secondary school. Once again, I was among the luckiest and went to study at university in the city of Bukavu.

At ICC/Prolasa, we received the following benefits: spirituality, good nutrition, medical care, education, clothing, and many other good things.

Living with a poor, single parent and being an orphan, it would never have been easy for me to even finish primary school. With the opportunity I was given by ICC/Prolasa, I went further than I had dreamed. What a pleasure! 

Fortunately, God’s hand was and is still above me. I am convinced that poverty is never a choice, and if it was no one would choose it, I imagine.

Lea is thankful for the support of ICC family members like you. She is planning for her wedding which will be held in June. Her husband-to-be is the chaplain of another ministry in that area.