For nearly a decade, we have presented in the pages of the Que Pasa the story and testimonies of Silvia and Ana Herrera. We are pleased to yet again share another update, this time from Silvia, where she testifies how God worked through her and protected her as a front-line worker in the battle against COVID. She is paying forward the support that ICC donors like you provided to her when she was a child.

My name is Silvia Maria Herrera from Guatemala. I am a respiratory therapist working at the national hospital: San Juan De Dios General Hospital. I love my career; I love my job and I love what I do. 

During the pandemic our country was greatly affected. Hospitals were overflowing and there were not enough beds for so many people. I was working with young adult patients and some elderly ones. There were many sad, desperate moments of deep concern. 

Many people lost the battle against Coronavirus. Yet, through that there were moments when we saw the hand of God so real and near as well as hard, painful moments like when the patient asked for a video call to say goodbye to his family for the last time. 

During so much pain, crying and anguish, I had the opportunity to speak to all those patients and their family members about God’s love. Many times, I had the chance to take them by the hand and say a prayer, sometimes giving words of encouragement and hope even through the darkness. Many times, I was filled with sadness when I saw the seriousness of the disease and without knowing what to do. But I knew that God had placed me there to help and serve as many people as possible. 

I thank God that, despite the exposure to coronavirus, I had as a health personnel, I did not get sick. Even though I grew up an orphan I know that I am a daughter of God, and He protects His children. He has always taken care of me, and I know He will continue to do so. 

There were hard times where I often could not even drink a glass of water or eat food due to the restrictions of the protective suit I had to wear in the hospital or the fear of contaminating myself. But I am grateful to God for sustaining me and allowing me to help others who were in need. And thank God in Guatemala the coronavirus cases have decreased remarkably. 

The pandemic taught us to value things that we thought were small. Such as breathing feely, being with friends, valuing our loved ones and, above all, to depend on a God who is above all. 

Thank you for your support of His kids to grow up to serve Him fully in their home countries and communities. 

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