God is good – ALWAYS

A perfect example of this is being able to write and tell you of the latest blessings of the harvest on the El Oasis farm this past year. We have tallied up all of the numbers of poundage from our harvests throughout 2022 and the numbers are truly amazing blessings from God!

Last year, we made the decision to “rest” about 35 acres of our farmland and to lease some property next to us for growing. We used the rest of our land as well as the leased property for one season to plant. We rejoice in the harvests that we experienced! The following is a report on each one of the fruits and vegetables that we planted.

  • Jalapeño Peppers: 24.7 acres planted – 833,697 lbs. harvested and sold
  • Serrano Peppers: 7.5 acres planted – 187,359 lbs. harvested and sold
  • Watermelon: 2.5 acres planted – 80,578 lbs. harvested and sold
  • Tomatillos: 7.5 acres planted – 170,946 lbs. harvested and sold

In total, the El Oasis farm produced over 1.2 MILLION lbs. of products in 2022!

This is something that the El Oasis project always turns over to God at the start of each growing season and continues to give Him all of the credit for every ounce of harvest. God has blessed this past year as you can see from the above numbers! The profits from the sale of the peppers provided a tremendous boost in meeting the needs of caring for the children of El Oasis.

This farm is doing more than producing agricultural products, far more. Every morning our farm manager meets with the workers, and they worship and pray together before starting their workday. When other farmers in the local area ask our people about our farm and why it has done so well, our people give all the credit to God and talk of the dedication of the land to God before the start of each year. Through their employment, this farm provides financial income for people in that valley who otherwise might not have an income. All these things are happening because this is truly God’s Farm. This is His land, His children, His harvests. This will always be this way.

There are numerous donors who have given each year for special needs on the farm like seeds, fertilizers, equipment, irrigation lines and other things. I want you to know that your funds have been invested wisely and according to sound farming principals. You can obviously see the results.

These are the blessings of the harvest that I love to see happening for His kids! Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about the El Oasis Farm or if you would like to help finance the growth of this amazing effort.

Negotiations Underway to Expand El Oasis Farm

At the time of this writing negotiations are underway to purchase an additional 99 acres (40 hectares) to expand the farm’s capacity to bless ICC children. A wealthy land owner has taken an interest in the El Oasis project and what it is doing for orphan and vulnerable children. He has a piece of property that he’s willing to sell at half of the going rate for farmland in the area. Terms are being discussed, including the length of time we would have to raise the necessary funds to make the payment in full. The terms will also include using some of the profits from the land once we can take possession of it in January 2024. We will be sharing more information about this opportunity soon. However, if you’d like more details or would like to pledge your support to this project, please contact Brian at the ICC office at 800-422-7729.