By Rick Bowes

One day when I was about ten years old my mom, leaving me alone at home for the first time, went to our local market for a few minutes. 

And just before leaving she said to me, “Whatever you do Ricky, stay away from the flares.”

Though I heard her words clearly and had every intention of obeying them, I just couldn’t stop focusing on the two roadside flares that my dad had just purchased. The flares, at that moment, were resting on the backyard picnic table awaiting delivery to the family car.

Mom left, but in a couple minutes of time, despite her explicit instructions, I had both flares burning brightly.

Reading this, you’re probably saying, “What were you thinking?” 

My classic answer back to you would be, “I wasn’t thinking.”

The terrifying reality of what I had done came crashing down on me when I heard mom’s car in the driveway. Not having a clue of what to do, I quickly got a shovel, found a patch of bare ground in the far reaches of the backyard, and buried both of them.

But that done, in horror I realized that the still smoking, buried flares were making our backyard look like a miniature Yellowstone.

Before I could get my wits about me, mom was at my side. Noticing the missing flares, smelling the burning phosphorus, seeing the smoking ground, and observing my panicked, and guilt-ridden face, she had every reason to launch into a sermon, but instead she began talking about how much she loved me, and about how much God loved me.

To this day I can clearly remember my mom’s words, and I can honestly say that they worked to change my life in dramatic ways. 

This month, as we honor the mothers in our Children’s Villages throughout the world, we gratefully remember that our ICC moms are constantly sharing that same “I love you, God loves you” message with each of the children on a continual basis.

But these faithful mothers can’t lead and love, counsel and comfort the children without your ongoing support. Even though it’s not feasible for you to provide direct care for the children, you are able to do the next best thing! Pray for and financially support these mothers who do provide loving care for the children.

This month, in honor of ICC mothers around the world, please give an extra special gift to ensure that they are equipped to provide for the needs of each child.

And one additional idea: If you’re able, please consider supporting ICC children and the mothers who care for them by giving a special gift from stocks, a mutual fund, an IRA or Donor Advised Funds.

The children need you. Thank you so very much for all you do for them!


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