Your Prayers are Needed!

One of the ways the ICC family strives to make donor support stretch even further is to supplement it through industries and farms. Over the years, ICC family members like you have supported various initiatives. A good example of this is the farm at the El Oasis Children’s Village in Mexico.

Raul, EL Oasis’ farm manager, has gained much valuable experience during the past several growing seasons. In an effort to maximize profitability of the crops, Raul has diversified what is being grown even more than in the past. 

This includes the following:

  • Jalapñeos Peppers – 33 acres (13.5 ha)
  • Tomatillos – 10 acres (4 ha)
  • Onions – 6 acres (2.5 ha)
  • Watermelon – 10 acres (4 ha)
  • In total, there are 59 acres (24 ha) being farmed this year.

Recently, Raul sent the following update and request for prayer:

We started a little late with the harvest due to the prolonged cold weather which caused the fruit not to ripen early.

So far, we have sold 20 tons of tomatillo at 8.50 pesos per kilo, and 10 tons of peppers at 15.50 pesos per kilo.

As of next week, we will start harvesting as it should be. I invite you to join in prayer that prices will be maintained.

The harvest of produce, as important as it is, cannot compare to the harvest of precious souls of the El Oasis children! Please join us in praying for them and for the farm. 

May God bless El Oasis with an abundant harvest for His glory!


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