El Oasis Children Learn Fun and Important Lessons at VBS

Editor’s Note: As schools resume after the summer break, take a look back with us to observe what the El Oasis children in Mexico learned through the Vacation Bible School program organized by the staff there. The following is an edited excerpt from a report sent to us from Sara Reyes, who works with children of El Oasis.

From July 17-22 we held the Vacation Bible School with the theme of “A Miniature World.” The children started with a general meeting in “The Garden” where they learned the value of the caterpillar’s overcoming, the locust’s unity, the ant’s order, the spider’s perseverance, and the bee’s service. All of this related to the life of the great leader Moses.

The children had the opportunity to go through several learning areas. In the anthill area they learned interesting facts about the different animals that were featured each day. In the spider’s web the children took part in a craft. In the beehive, they had the opportunity to create their own snack. They used different fruits to fashion a food treat that was in the form of an insect. This was a delicious experience. In the mini-adventure area, the children tested their physical skills in games that turned out to be a lot of fun.

At the end of each day, we went back to the garden to sing and say goodbye.

We thank God for the help of all the staff members. It was a great blessing for each one of our children.

Your support helps to provide the children with wonderful learning opportunities that draw their hearts closer to their Creator. Thank you for all you do for the children!


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