By Jean Parchment, ICC Ambassador and Creator of “Reborn Dolls”

My daily walk started as any other morning. I walk around the lake and enjoy greeting other walkers. This particular morning, I noticed a woman who was outstanding. She was petite, impeccably groomed, and walked at my pace. We smiled at each other and kept on our way. The following morning, we met again and she was very pleasant. In a short while, we started walking together. We quickly discovered that we had so much in common. Our friendship grew and we looked forward to our daily walks and talks.

One day I had my new friend to lunch at our home. During our morning walks I told her about ICC and what I was doing to support the orphans. Of course, my friend wanted to meet the dolls. I happened to have just completed a doll, intending to take it to the ICC booth at the ASI convention. I was happy to show the doll to my friend. She was so impressed she kept saying, “I wish my daughter could see this.” I suggested, “Take the doll home with you and show your daughter. You can bring it back tomorrow.”

The next day when my friend showed up, she did not have the doll with her. To my utter surprise she announced, “My daughter took the doll in her arms and said, “This baby is not leaving this house” Then my friend’s grandson chimed in, “Mom, I am going to buy this doll for you.” My friend handed me an envelope stuffed with a very generous donation for the doll.

Two years went by during which I made a multicolored doll dress that was just hanging in the closet. Recently, I got the idea to give it to my friend, knowing she likes bright colors. 

The following morning, to my great surprise, my friend handed me a $100.00 bill. “Why?” I asked. “I gave you a gift, I do not expect any pay. Why this money?” 

She responded, “It’s for the orphans. When I showed the dress to my daughter, she was so delighted. She just loved it. Then my daughter said, “Today, one of my clients was so pleased with my work that he handed me this money and said I could do whatever I wanted with it. When you showed me the dress, I immediately knew what I wanted to do with the money. I want it to go to the orphans.” 

I was just so touched by this woman’s kindness and generosity. I have never met her, yet her kindness is so impressive. It reminds me of God’s goodness to us. We don’t earn it, expect it, or deserve it yet although we have never seen Him, we are constantly experiencing His kindness.


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