The prayers and financial support of people like you have been a wonderful blessing to the ICC children at the Patmos Children’s Village in the DR Congo. As you recall, torrential rains caused a major catastrophe that left hundreds of children orphaned.

ICC family members like you stepped up to help provide support in the aftermath of this crisis, and we were able to add 43 newly orphaned children to the ICC Patmos family.

Erosion on Campus

What you may not realize is that the torrential rains caused damage to the Patmos campus including some of the buildings. It is an ongoing challenge at Patmos to control the flow of water that cascades through the campus during downpours. In years past, ICC family members have helped to mitigate this problem by supporting the construction of canals through the village as well as the planting of grass to limit erosion. If these steps had not been taken in the past, ICC children’s lives may have been at risk.

However, during the recent flooding, erosion was again a problem. But thanks to the generous support of the ICC family, yet again, efforts have been taken to shore up the campus to ensure that it is a safe place for the children and staff. Additional canals have been built as well as bridges over waterways. 

Thank you for continuing to support this project and the children who depend upon their ICC family.

And regarding the newly orphaned children, many are now in need of sponsors to help provide for their support. If you’d like to sponsor one of these children, please contact Eniko at the ICC office by calling 360-573-0429. Thank you!


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