Activities and Achievements

Los Pinos Children’s Village, Guatemala

Your support helps children experience important milestones and achievements. Recently, seven children graduated from the Los Pinos primary school in Guatemala. Three of the children were from a nearby village. You may recall that earlier this year, the Los Pinos school welcomed several children from the surrounding area to join the school family. Because of their remote location and the extreme poverty of their families the children were not enrolled in school. 

Can you imagine the joy of these kids as they entered the Los Pinos classrooms, found their desks, opened their books, and used their school supplies for the very first time. 

And not only was their school experience a huge blessing for them. The Los Pinos Children’s Village family also provided food for their families and offered Bible studies as well. What a blessing these children and their families have received through this outreach in the community. Thank you for helping to make this possible.

El Oasis Children’s Village, Mexico

The El Oasis Children’s village has seen a flurry of activities during the past several months. Providing positive activities is an essential feature of ICC’s model of caring for children. The children have been immersed in an engaging school program. In addition, the children have been able to experience the joy of learning to play instruments and sharing their musical talents

Other activities have included a visit to the Sea of Cortez and the celebration of a cultural day where the children learned about other countries and the way they live. 

The spiritual life on campus is enhanced by special programs geared to be interesting to the children. An example of this was a program that taught the children about the “Great Disappointment.” Thanks to your support the children are learning to believe in their Savior, Jesus, and trust His words that were depicted in the sign in the El Oasis church, “He aqui, vengo pronto. “Behold, I am coming soon.” Thank you for helping to nurture faith in the lives of the children.

Sweet Home Children’s Village, India

Last year, ICC’s Sweet Home Village opened its doors and hearts to welcome nine new children. Pastors in tribal areas referred these children to Sweet Home and they have been settling in well to life in the village.

These new children have been integrated into a Sweet Home family of children who are intent on doing well in their studies. This includes gaining a knowledge of scripture. 

In October, two staff members at the Flaiz school where our Sweet Home children are enrolled, prepared a special Bible quiz prgram for students from classes 8-11. Sweet Home was represented by Daniel in the 11th class.

As the quiz proceeded, church members and students were  amazed by Daniel as he  answered the questions and did recitation. He and his classmate took first place and were selected for the Final Quiz which will be conducted this month. What a blessing that ICC children like Daniel take an interest in and excel at knowing God’s word!

Here is a message of gratitude to ICC’s family of supporters, from Susan Moturi, Sweet Home director, “We thank you for supporting this project, and we are very grateful. May God bless you and your families. With your support we are able to train the children in a good Christian environment and hope to continue God’s work.”


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