A new year is beginning.  As we look back at 2023, we thank God for His blessings. He has worked through you in a special way to help children who have been orphaned, abandoned, or neglected. 

Throughout last year the ICC family had many new children join us – some through tragedies, some through sickness. Some lost their parents through natural disasters, like in Congo.  It was amazing to see how God provided for these children through you. Thank-you!

As 2024 starts to unfold, we realize that continuing to care for the children is a daunting task. There is a lot of uncertainty within the world today. Most of our ICC children have experienced uncertainty firsthand. Neglect, abuse, hunger, sickness. Now that they are within the ICC family, they look to ICC family members like you to provide the certainty of care and nurturing support they need. This includes children like Mario, Christina, and Miguel. These are some of the latest additions to our ICC family in Mexico.

Mario and Christian are siblings. Their mom was killed, and their grandmother tried to take care of them but was unable. Miguel was neglected by his mother until the authorities intervened. 

Fortunately for these children, they have found a safe place within the ICC family. They have nourishing food and a nurturing, home environment at the El Oasis children’s village. Praise God for these precious children and His intervention to save them! And praise God for the ongoing support from ICC family members like you!

ICC children around the world thrive on the certainty of loving care. As this new year begins, we encourage you to continue supporting the children of ICC.  As you continue to support them, please know you are making an eternal difference in their lives. Thank you! God bless you and all the ICC family in the new year ahead as we draw closer to Jesus soon coming. 


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