Thanks to your kind generosity, Patmos children have a secure place in which to thrive and prepare themselves for the future. Recently, the children were able to participate in a special New Year’s Day celebration. Thank you for all you do for the children. They appreciate you!

We are grateful that God worked through caring individuals like you to provide for the sustaining care of ICC children in the DR Congo last year. In fact, 2023 was quite challenging for the Patmos Children Village which saw…

• An increase in the number of children by nearly 40%. A total of 48 new children joined the ICC family as a result of torrential flooding that killed their parents.

• Erosion from heavy rains temporarily crippled Patmos on two different occasions.

• The drinking water supply became unstable because of the heavy rains and flooding, and several of the new children became sick even in spite of precautions taken by the Patmos staff.

These were immense challenges, and yet, God worked through your generous support to help provide for the needs of these children. Caring for such a vast number of children and their varied needs would not be possible without your support! Thank you!

Désiré, Patmos director, sent a year-end update and some pictures which you see on this page. Here is an edited excerpt.

We are pleased to find this moment to share God’s miracles and blessings, which God has worked through ICC despite the great circumstances at Patmos Children’s Village. God is wonderful.

I do not have the appropriate words to appreciate how many times all activities have gone very well at kindergarten, primary, secondary and university schools.

Our students studied in good conditions, and the success rate was much better than last year. Three young people became independent after finishing their studies, and we hope that they will soon be integrated into the professional world.

Once again, please accept our sincere thanks for having found the funds to build the warehouse. I have faith that it was God who planned the construction of the warehouse. Had it not been for this, we would have had great difficulty in receiving the 48 orphaned children from Kalehe. We thank God and ICC’s sponsors and partners. We ask God to grant longevity and rich heavenly blessings to ICC’s active donors who have contributed in some small way to the erection of the Warehouse.

We continue to thank you for all your support in helping the orphans from Kalehe.

Thank you for the funds received to start construction activities. We have already completed the earthworks for two sites for the 2 houses, the construction of 2 foundations and the raising of the walls of homes 13 and 14.

Thank you for blessing the lives of the Patmos Children through your ongoing support!