Music is celebrated for its ability to deeply touch our minds.  It serves as a kind of universal language that transcends barriers. At El Oasis Children’s Village, we celebrate the profound impact of music on the lives of our children. In our music program there and at Las Palmas Children’s Village in the Dominican Republic, our young learners find hope and healing as they learn music.  

In September 2019, El Oasis started a program to introduce the rhythm and melody of music into the daily lives of the children there.  What began as general music classes soon blossomed into a vibrant afternoon band program, helped by the generous donation of six instruments. With these new musical instruments, a passion for music ignited on campus, laying the foundation for a healing musical journey.

The music program at El Oasis is meticulously structured to cater to the diverse needs and interests of the children. During the school day, the youngest learners engage in bell classes, while older students learn the recorder. In the afternoons, piano classes are offered to the lower grades, with older students given the opportunity to choose from a variety of band instruments. Additionally, guitar classes and a ukulele ensemble provide opportunities for musical expression that accommodate children with different abilities and interests. 

Over the years, we have witnessed the profound ways in which music has enriched the lives of the children at El Oasis. 

Here are some of the key benefits we have observed:

•Reduces anxiety: Music is calming for the children and helps them relax. Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression levels have been noted in children with musical training, as the instrument becomes a vehicle of emotional expression. 

•Builds Self-Confidence: As they master musical skills and perform in public, the children develop a sense of competence and self-assurance.

•Fosters Aspiration and Achievement: Participation in the music program inspires the children to set goals and strive for excellence, instilling in them a sense of purpose and determination.

•Enhances Social Skills: Making music together develops positive social skills such as cooperation, active listening, empathy, and cultivating a sense of camaraderie and belonging.

•Instills Perseverance: The journey of mastering an instrument teaches the children the value of patience, perseverance, and dedication, equipping them with essential life skills that extend far beyond the realm of music.

•Encourages Responsibility: Entrusted with musical instruments, the children learn the importance of caring for their possessions and taking ownership of their actions.

•Expressing Gratitude: Music provides the children with a powerful avenue for expressing gratitude to God for the blessings and opportunities in their lives.

•Cultivates Generosity: Sharing their musical talents with others instills in the children a sense of generosity and compassion.

At El Oasis Children’s Village, the music program is more than notes and melodies; it helps the development of personal growth, resilience, and spiritual enrichment. 

Through the power of music, the children discover their voices, cultivate their talents, and continue the journey towards becoming compassionate, resilient, and empowered individuals. As we continue to nurture the musical aspirations of the children, we remain committed to using music as a tool for positive change and holistic development.

Additionally, the music program provides a safe space for children to explore and express their emotions freely through words, harmonies, rhythms, and melodies. Through solos, duets, trios, and group performances, our students learn the art of free expression and effective group communication. 

We have also witnessed a notable improvement in the behavior and emotional well-being of our children. They demonstrate enhanced concentration, greater self-confidence, and a heightened sense of responsibility both at home and at school.  Music is helping to transform their lives.

Thank you for supporting the transformation of the children through music.